Iskul Bukol

Amo: Liya! please come!

Me: (to myself, What’s it pancit? Something top top urgent spare part? Relaks!) Yes, Sir?

Amo: You’re going back to school.

Me: <totally bewildered look>

Amo handed over a paper and my eyes brightened. I can’t help but smile EAR TO EAR.

Confirmed. I have the best boss in the world. 🙂

I LOVE LEARNING. I LOVE SCHOOL. Please don’t shoot me. I may not be Sheldon-Cooper-Levels but I believe in the significance of proper education and passion for continuous learning. Chos.

Let’s go down memory lane. Please bring some water and biscuits. I didn’t realize that it will be this long.

April 1989.

The Beginning.

Cute noh? Pak! 🙂

“Let the child stretch his right arm across her head and if he/she can fully cup his left ear with his/her palm, he/she’s in.”

The most unforgettable line in my whole life. Pak! 🙂

And I did, quite easily. Looking at the other kids (some crying, some sucking at a milk bottle, some looking petrified), I felt confident as I was taller than average. Pak! I wonder why I stopped growing afterwards.

However when they looked at my birth certificate it said I was only 5, minimum age requirement to enter Grade 1 level in the Central School must be 6 y/o or must turn 6 by the start of classes.

And so we went home unsuccessful. <insert very sad face here>

Ambisyosa kasing hindi na dumaan sa pre-school, malay mo makalusot. Hehe.

My mom’s friend then suggested the catholic pre-school offering kinder/prep courses. Actually, up to this day I don’t fully know which class I took.

I’m quite confused as now Pre-School has Nursery, Kinder 1, Kinder 2, Preparatory, and so on and so forth. I think before the kid even reaches Grade 1 level, stressed na sya Ate Charo! 🙂

Anyhow, I got into that class which had three skeds, A, B and C.

Sked A is  the earliest at 7:30AM, and I also don’t know why my mom enrolled me at this ungodly hour sked. Chos.

Maybe early training to develop an early riser attitude. I’m glad I did (and still an early riser up to now). Mother really knows what’s best. Thank you Ma. 🙂

Finished the class at 3rd place among the whole batch. Not bad eh? May tutor kaya ako. Hehe. We’re not well off but I had a tutor at home as my parents both work.

I even remembered I wore a cute ball gown during the graduation (when we’re supposed to wear school uniform + toga). My mom was very proud of me, I think. She says “E sa may pambili e!” I love my mom. 🙂

June 1990 – March 1996


Still in the same school. Was usually in section 1. Had few friends. Participated in Chinese garter games in the halls. Learned gardening – tomato, pechay, eggplant, okra. 🙂

Graduation. Included in the Top Ten. But I can’t remember if I was 5th or 6th. Damn these memory gaps. I’m getting old. Hehe. What I can remember was the runny make up on my classmates’ faces as they cried as if it was the end of the world.

What’s all the hype? Two months summer break and will just move to another classroom / building inside the school compound. Ang OA huh?! That’s what I thought.

June 1996 – March 1998

Business High School.

BHS Class

I found myself in another school. Class BHS 1. In addition to the regular 8 subjects, we had Computer, Typing, Personality Dev’t, Entrep, Accounting, etc etc and were grouped in MWF & TTH sked. Felt like early college. It was quite fun. 🙂

Though, we were only one class / section. So we had the upper years as our peers. And they taught us how to have fun and cut class. And I did many times. Hehe.

I don’t want to brag but this was the school where almost everyone had either a service car or drive his/her own car. In high school. Chos. And this was also where I learned  another new subjectSocial Drinking.

I had good grades though and was 3rd in my class. But my mom was not happy.

We fought a lot during this time because of my stubbornness. Sorry mom.

June 1998 – March 2000

The Return. Junior High.

My mom seriously thought the “bad influences” were in that school. So she transferred me back to the catholic school (para maexorcise? Peace ma.)

It was entirely different. During Elem we  had 2 sections. In BHS we had only one. But there, they had six! Per year level. Andaming tao. Pak!

There were too many people! I looked for my batch mates but they were scattered among the sections and already had their own groups. Anyhow I don’t remember being part of any particular group back then. 🙂

I initially sat in Section 3 although my BHS marks were outstanding. Pak! Discrimination. Just kidding. But I had fun in that class. That was where I met my girls Bebs, Rox, Mafe, Mel. Until the Section 2 adviser noticed me and took me under her wing. I guess she noticed the “lost me” in me.

After the 1st grading period my marks made it to the Top 15 and so they had me transfer to Section 1,  parang byahe lang, lipat bus.

However, I dunno. I think I didn’t fit well in the class. I always felt like an outsider. Sorry classmates if ever one of you reads this. Pero lab ko kayo pramis. Especially those always giving 1/4 paper during pop quizzes. 🙂

Senior Class. Hanapin nyo ang Batang Pasaway! 🙂

I stayed in that class section until we graduated but I cannot deny that I had more fun escaping some subjects to sit with section 3. Or cut class to have an afternoon drinking party. Kamusta naman ang iyong atay? Tsk tsk tsk.

I think I enjoyed high school too much to the point I was already hurting my mother. Sorry ulit ma.

Graduation. Ayan na naman. Baha na naman ng iyakan. I graduated without honors but that didn’t really bother me.

I was once again wondering why the hell is everybody crying their mascaras and eyeliners out when College is just half hour away (Dagupan City) and will definitely bump into each other inside the City Mall.

I was so sure of that because I didn’t take any entrance exams in Baguio or Manila prior. That’s what I thought. Again.

April 2000.

My mother is a very smart woman. Confirmed. 🙂 She may not have finished high school but she was so sharp to notice my name wasn’t in SLU’s CEE passers list.

Ma: How come, anak?

Me: Maybe I flunked.

Ma: My ass. Even so and so passed. Hmp, we need to verify.

Me: Ok, ok I will. >_<

(Truth is that I did go up Baguio but didn’t take the exams. We went partying instead. Sorry again ma.)

So, what I did was to check any special test schedules and luckily found there were. But what I told ma that “my initial” test paper had issues so I had to “repeat.” I think she knew somehow my “kabulastugan” so she actually went to Baguio to accompany me take the CEE. San ka pa? 🙂


June 12,2000 – March 2005

The Coolest College Life!

Literally, as Baguio City is the coolest city in the Philippines! And I keep coming back even after grad! 🙂

Armed with my luggage of clothes, beddings, books and a gasulito (portable gas cooker), I happily declared, “Happy Independence Day to me! Hello College Life!”

I was both panicky and thrilled with my newfound freedom. Yahoo!

But just when I thought I’d be crazier, it was actually in college that I became sane.

I became a responsible, goal driven, stronger person. Chos.

I enrolled AB Political Science (because Commerce was already closed for late enrollees) and belonged to a morning block section so that means free time after lunch onwards.

I took the opportunity to work part-time at Mc Donald’s then. Yes, I am a proud Batang Mcdo! But op kors, love ko pa ring kumain sa Jollibee (pagkasahod siempre, hehe!) 🙂

I shifted to Accountancy the next year and took summer classes to keep up. We were the first batch under the 5-year curriculum.

I don’t recall how many sections we were, we were just TOO MANY but was amazed how everyone was nice even though we came from different places and speak our own dialects.

College was actually where I learned to converse in Tagalog/Filipino. 🙂

I think I did good even though I was working, as my marks made it to the DL almost every sem (except 5th year, paiyakan na nun haha). I wanted to graduate with honors to somehow  make it up to my parents for being stubborn during high school.

SLU BSAc Class 2005

Unfortunately, I didn’t. I was short by 0.7% to the minimum GPA required. Tsk tsk. What to do yani?

I was really sad that time but I had to be positive. There’s life after Graduation. 🙂 Naks.

April 2000.

After five years, I’m back home.

I had to buy new shirts as I can’t wear my sweaters anymore. 🙂

Serious mode. I talked to my parents and told them I cannot go to Manila and be a working reviewee (for CPA Board exams). And since we didn’t have the funds to support my review, I opted to work instead to save for next review+exam season.

Btw, I actually took the exams (that first season) after a brief self-review. Wala lang. Malay mo tsumamba. Hinde. 🙂

I don’t know what happen next. I never got to Manila for a formal review and instead worked and worked until I was based in Dagupan City then decided to enroll for MBA.

Dec 2006.

Graduate School.

Maybe it has sinked in that I’m not going to be a CPA very soon. Maybe I was worried that my brain’s getting rusty with the daily routine work. Or Maybe I just missed school too much. Hehe. 🙂

So while working in Dagupan, I took MBA classes during weekends and was quite happy. I made new friends (I think I made better friends in school than at work.)

MBA class, Business Policy + Fin Man

MBA, Research Class

Unfortunately, my graduate school life was short-lived. An opportunity came to work abroad.

They say opportunity knocks only once.


May 2007 up to the present.

OFW Life.

Op kors, I have dreamt of studying abroad. Who doesn’t? Aside from the learning experience, I think it’s also a plus point in the CV. 🙂

And already told ya I believe in CPEContinuing Professional Education. Chos.

But then I realized I cannot just work & study at the same time. I started at a humble salary and priority was to send allowance back home.

When I finally landed a good paying position, priorities also changed. A Family Home was then put on the Top spot, so again my dream to go back to school took a back seat. But the dream never died. Chos.

Fast forward to the present…

So I was looking at that paper and it’s as if angels were singing beautiful, heavenly hymns in my ears.

Forgive me for indulging this much. I’m just so happy and grateful. Can’t deny being excited to go back to school!

Another Adventure awaits! 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Iskul Bukol

  1. .. congratulations! you deserve it. 🙂

    • salamat! muntik lang akong maiyak hehe. ang mahal kasi ng school dito, kaya lagi kong nipo-postpone. sa wakas. 🙂

  2. Ang saya naman ng iyong iskul bukol…tunay na isang adventure. You have the right to be happy and grateful. Saludo ako sa CPE…sana matuloy na.

  3. salamat po Lolo! after 5 years hehe… ambait lng tlga ni Lord at nibigyan ako ng supportive na boss, actually sabay kami mag school, dapat priority / mga lokal/Bahraini lang entitled for CPE pero inayos nya papels para kasama rin ako… kaya sa coming sem, bak to iskul! 🙂

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