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Itinerary + Checklist for Oman Trip

It’s thirty (30) days to our upcoming trip to Oman, coinciding with the Eid Al Adha holidays and I’m quite pleased the temps have started to really cool down.

This morning when I checked before heading out for work, my phone’s temp indicator showed 29 degrees Celsius, yay! Winter’s really upon us mga frenships!  :)

So definitely no more excuses to laze on the couch, and all the more reasons to explore Oman outdoors! Let’s now make our itinerary + checklist…

  1. Air tickets – OK. Booked flights via TK. Cheapest, as well as departure and arrival timings maximize stay.
  2. Accommodations – OK. Booked AMI Hotel. Affordable. Within City Center. Near the Beach, siempre.
  3. Visas – On arrival. (Being GCC Residents + visa professions OK. Otherwise, need to prearrange.)  NB: Reconfirmed VOA OK with Oman Embassy today, 26.09.12 🙂
  4. DIY City Tour & Sightseeing Schedule  – refer To Do/To See checklist.

To Do / To See Checklist

Okay, I now realize that the initial To Do / To See list I made for our recent 4-day Qatar-exploring trip was indeed overwhelming especially during summer time so we weren’t able to cover all.

So this time, will be more flexible and try not to overload schedules, especially that Oman is Sooo HUGE, well, when compared to Bahrain, Qatar and UAE lah, refer to below Map for scale, hehehe.

Map showing Oman

We will be staying in Muscat so we’d check out the nearby sights and places first and then move further to Ras Al Hadd, Sur and Nizwa.

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Pinoy Karting Craze @ Gulf Speed One Bahrain

This post is part of a series on Bahrain’s tourist attractions, notable places of interest, and just about everything I love about the island. Bahrain has been home to me since 2007.

Once upon a time, The Thursday group went crazy.

On karting. 🙂

It all started in Feb 2010. My work colleague Kuya Marlon kept yakking about Gulf Speed One weekends with his family and encouraged my group to give it a try.

He said we should give weekend drinking sessions a rest and go karting instead. = p

Karting @ Gulf Speed One

And so one Friday afternoon, we just found ourselves behind Bahrain City Center, Seef District – where Gulf Speed One is located.

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Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook Pero Meron, Meron, Meron!

I was grinning ear to ear while reading Monster Pat‘s slumbook post. we actually had these pretty pink slumbooks during elementary days with all the stuff on Favorites (Color,  Food, Movie, Actor) / Motto in Life / Ambition / Who is your Crush? 🙂

Then found out at the bottom that he actually tagged me, hehe. Therefore, here it goes:

Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing: 

Working.  Really. maski itaas mo ang eyebrows mo. Hehe. I’ve been working since I was 16 and haven’t stopped since then.

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Slide in, and Splash out @ Wahooo! Water Park Bahrain

This post is part of a series on Bahrain’s tourist attractions, notable places of interest, and just about everything I love about the island. Bahrain has been home to me since 2007.

May it be supah hot summer or chilly winter, Wahooo! Water Park’s got it all for you!

Wahoo Water Park Bahrain
(Photo Source: Wahoo’s website)

Wahooo! is Middle East’s first ever indoor-outdoor water park with an area of 15,000 square-metres. It’s guaranteed to be the ultimate water fest with a whole new world of thrilling rides and attractions including Master Blaster, Sidewinder, Matt Racer, a Multi Level Rain Fortress, Wave pool, Toddler pool and Lazy River. (Source:

Wahooo’s temperature controlled wave pool, yes! 🙂

Conveniently located inside Bahrain City Centre Mall in Seef District, I’ve earlier mentioned in my post on what keeps us busy during the Middle of Summer in the Middle East that Wahooo! is one of the must-do’s in Bahrain, be it summer or winter.

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Snapshots: Night walk/jog along Al Fateh & Adliya, Bahrain

This post is part of a series on Bahrain’s tourist attractions, notable places of interest, and just about everything I love about the island. Bahrain has been home to me since 2007.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Bahrain

It’s the middle of September, and finally the temperatures have become more forgiving.

Meaning, no more excuses for this serial couch potato not to walk/jog during the early evenings to burn some calories. Yes, I have to move my a** before I reach 200lbs! (>_<)

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Family Day @ Al Bander Hotel & Resort, Bahrain

This post is part of a series on Bahrain’s tourist attractions, notable places of interest, and just about everything I love about the island. Bahrain has been home to me since 2007.

Al Bander Hotel & Resort is a family friendly 4 star rated hotel & resort located in Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain. It offers cabanas and chalet accommodations as well as numerous restaurants and cafes, swimming pools (with a pool snack bar),  health club, water sports rentals, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and a marina (yes, luxe yachts galore!).

Al Bander Hotel & Resort
(Photo Source: Google Images)

In April 2010, my second company in Bahrain, Balexco, announced to hold its Annual Family Day celebration in Al Bander Hotel & Resort. That month also marked my almost 1 year stay with the company and 3rd year in Bahrain so I looked forward to the event.

However, I didn’t have any “immediate / blood” family in Bahrain yet that time (my younger brother Yano arrived in July 2010), so I asked if I could bring my “surrogate” family instead.

HR said yes. 

And so, Tada!!!

The Thursday Group

Balexco Family Day, 23 Apr 2010 (Clockwise from left: Nabeel, Edvard, Dwight, Buboy, Jinky, Lilai, Jolut, me, Jepp and Kat)

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September (Do You Remember?)

Yes, September is the title of that catchy song which make you hum and whistle “Padiya, Padiya, Pa pa pa padi, padi, padi, Pa pa pa padi…” And I actually like that song.

A morning wake up song, a feel good, sunny vibe song on the way to work, a good addition to your song medley for weekend house cleaning, take your pick. 🙂

September is the first of the “BER” months (September, October, November, December) and for us Filipinos, it’s also the start of the Christmas season, I don’t know if there are other nationalities who celebrate it like the way we do (enlighten me please).

Six months lah. We set up the Christmas Tree as early as September 1st and don’t put it down until February, hehehe.

Christmas 2010, Sacred Heart Church, Bahrain

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Up in the Air with Gulf Air

I’m actually hesitant to write a review for Gulf Air as my last flying experience with the airline was way back August 2009 – yes, three years ago pa mga frenshipsI was thinking to put it off until I get to fly with them again, para fresh bah. :)

NB: To earn extra and help fund your next air ticket & trip, please click the link :)

Gulf Air (Arabic: طيرانالخليج‎ Ṭayarān al-Khalīj) is the principal flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Its main base is Bahrain International Airport in Muharraq; with London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Dubai, Karachi, and Mumbai as major routes. The airline operates scheduled services to 41 destinations in 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe and is part of the OneWorld global explorer fare. It has extensive code share agreements with other airlines and special partnerships with their Frequent Flyer Programmes. (Source:


However, having flown GF’s “sister” British Airways* recently  and looking at my sked till next year (all with other airlines, meaning no GF flights anytime soon) finally decided to make a review. Will just update if any chance I get lucky & fly GF sooner.

(*In October 1951, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) became a major shareholder in Gulf Aviation, holding a 22% stake through the BOAC subsidiary company BOAC Associated Companies…… The merger of BOAC & BEA in 1974 formed British Airways. Source: Wikipedia)

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Up in the Air with British Airways

They said, when upset, inhale, exhale a dozen times and zip your mouth until you’re finally calm. So I’ve put off writing about our flying experience with BA until I finish the series on our recent Eid holiday trip to Qatar.

British Airways (BA) is the British-Spanish owned flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, based in Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow (LHR) Airport. It is the largest airline in the UK based on fleet size, international flights and international destinations and second largest measured by passengers carried, behind easyJet. (Source:

British Airways Logo

First of all, I am not an expert on airliners nor  technical stuff on aircrafts. I am basically a regular passenger who wants a safe, smooth journey and arrive at my destination on time. In short, hindi ako choosy. I just want to share my experience and maybe something to review prior to booking a subsequent flight. 🙂

For direct flights to Doha, the travel website showed Qatar Airways, Gulf Air and British Airways.

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Getting a Tourist Visa for Qatar

This post is related to our recent Eid holiday trip to Qatar (August 16-20, 2012),  and hope it may be helpful in any way if you’re planning  to visit Qatar anytime soon.

Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Qatar grants tourist visas at border points for the nationals of more than 33 countries including USA, Canada, European countries, et al besides the nationals and professional residents of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

*GCC countries consists of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

For more information / details on  VOA from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior website, please click here.

Buboy & I fall under the category – GCC residents – being holders of valid RP (resident permit) in Bahrain.

Bahrain RP (left) & UAE Visa On Arrival (right)

Bahrain RP (left) & UAE Visa On Arrival (right)

However, not all RPs are entitled. Qatar has a specific list of professions which may only be granted VOA. To see the list, please click here.

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