Payslip Adventures: Passion for Learning & Excellence

To work or not to work?

I’ve mentioned in my slum book post that if there’s one thing I’d never or rarely get bored / tired of doing, it must be WORKING. Pramis. Even if others might disagree.

To each his own lah. 🙂

One might retort, what if you’re uber rich? Then good for you. You might not need employment, but still need to exert effort in one way or another to preserve that status, i.e. protect and monitor investments and earnings, otherwise a day will come you’ll realize that your resources have depleted.

Work, anyhow, is relative.

It may involve the usual work 8-5 jobs. Some work on call basis. Some work at home. Some work in an office cubicle. Some work locally. Some are based abroad. Some involve frequent travel. Some entail too much effort. Some quite little. Some physical/manual. Some intellectual. Some work in a heavenly workplace. Some curse that they’re in hell. And so on and so forth.

For me, I regard work as an ADVENTURE.

Every day at work is an epic adventure episode 🙂 with GIIC (Foulath), 2012 – present

I’ve been employed since I turned 16 and have been exposed to different industries – fast food, consumer retail, oil & petroleum, health care and heavy / metal industries – aluminum, stainless steel and iron.

Mc Donald’s Baguio, 2001 – 2004
Photo credit: Kuya Philip Domantay

I’ve also been assigned in various departments – production, customer service, sales, marketing, inventory, bookkeeping, audit, receivables, and currently, in procurement and logistics.

Can you imagine how my CV looks like, with everything in it

Some may call it a “chopsuey / pinakbet / fruit salad” concoction.

I call it versatility. Pak! 🙂

One thing I am proud to say that is constant in my life, is my passion for learning and excellence.

I don’t care so much about anything else other than doing my job properly, enjoying it immensely and always finding opportunities for improvement.

my work desk in USCO (Foulath), 2011

I may not be the social butterfly type in the office (I am more of the happy loner + PC type), but the Management knows they can always count on the quality of my work. And this definitely does not go unnoticed.

I am telling you my friend, at the right time, at the right place, bonus perks and rewards just find their way and pour in. And that’s just icing on the cake – that is your job that you love. 🙂

But of course, the saying “All work and no play….” make real sense. We are not robots lah.

Micro vacations are essential to maintain my presumed sanity.

Jasmis Saar office, 2007-  2009

Scour your calendar, mark the long weekends and holidays. Plan, save and go for a local, regional, international trip. Leave your laptop and wear your flip flops. You’ll notice that coming from the trip, you emerge feeling energized, with a renewed spirit and ready for the new tasks ahead. Naks.

I may be sounding too sunny and enthusiastic on working, I hope it doesn’t irritate you hehe. Some people like being relaxed. Well, I like relaxation too. Who doesn’t lah?

Just not too much for me. After two weeks of “bumming around”, I become restless already, and the only antidote is to get back to work ASAP, LOL.

Maybe this will change in the future, maybe when I get bit more older, when priorities change, maybe in the days to come, I don’t know.

For now, my work is not only my bread and butter, but  also my source of inspiration + motivation, my means of expressing passion, a vehicle for learning, practice and achieving excellence, my daily episode of epic adventures, spiced by micro vacations. 🙂

Now my mini break’s over, I’m getting back to work! = p


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9 thoughts on “Payslip Adventures: Passion for Learning & Excellence

  1. ganyang attitude ang kailangan ng marami sa ating manggagawa 😀 lalo na kung maayos din naman ang pasweldo at patakbo ng employer…

    • salamat sa pagbisita Kuya RP! tunay na masaya ang tao pag mahal at enjoy nya ang kanyang araw araw na gawain, u don’t notice the time, uwian na pala hehe. at grateful din siempre sa mababait na employers, pagpalain pa sila nawa.. 🙂

  2. “For now, my work is not only my bread and butter, but also my source of inspiration + motivation, my means of expressing passion, a vehicle for learning, practice and achieving excellence, my daily episode of epic adventures, spiced by micro vacations.”

    I hope some day I feel this way about work again. I once did, and it was thrilling. I’m having trouble getting back to it, but…someday, inshallah!

    Thanks for the post.

    • You will! Inshallah! it may take a bit some time…u are now in transition phase, but it sure will come! just give it some time… ^_^

  3. .. jasmis? yung burger place sa airport?

    .. ako i work for 12 hours a day for 12 weeks, no weekends off , walang tigil, ang pwede lang na leave ay ‘sick leave’ at yun e kung maoospital ka na. i work for the money, pag nakikita ko na yung payslip ko nakakalimutan ko lahat ang pagod ko, haha!

    • yep, local chain ire na xerox ng McDo (kaya nga nila ko nihire sa Procurement kasi batang McDo ako sa Pinas noon, hehe)

      jusme ang schedule mo kuya, Nosebleed levels! hehe pero tama ka, lahat ng pagod burado twing sasapit ang abente singko! ^_^

  4. A very positive attitude indeed….

    Sana magkaroon din ako ng ganyan… .


    My konting problema kasi sa workplace…

    Kaya siguro lately i dont feel like going to work… Ung tipong nakakatamad na mag trabaho, because makikita mo naman ung taong kinaiinisan mo, ay mali ung taong naiinis sayo na wala ka naman ginagawang masama sa kanya….

    Its really enjoyable kapag mahal mo ang work mo. and especially napakasarap mag work kapag my peaceful kang environment…

    Happy working Ms. Lea….

    Ingats ka lagi….

    San ang gala sa big eid?

    • thanks for the visit sis! hindi tlga mawawala ang mga kontrabida sa ating buhay, parang telenovela lang 🙂 …

      maski dine, minsan Itiks, minsan Pinoy pa…dedma nlang para walang giyera hehe!

      sinusumpong din ako ng Tamaditis, lalo pag Sunday, shwey shwey lang sawork hnggang umabot ulit sa Hwebes, 🙂

      sa Oman kami sa Eid, gusto na ngang hilahin ang araw, angtagal…. = p

      Ingats din lagi and Happy working din! ^_^

  5. Ang sabi nga daw….

    “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius

    God Bless!

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