Nightlife in Bahrain: Exhibition Avenue

Parang quarterly sked na ba ito? Hehe. Not really planned, but sure had fun! 🙂

After featuring Nightlife in Bahrain: Gudaibiya last Oct 2012, we haven’t had the chance to go out again until last night. It’s actually another “long” weekend in Bahrain, and we spontaneously agreed to get out of the couch and get away from our laptops for a while (read: movie marathon weekends).

So from our flat in Gudaibiya, we donned our jackets (yes, it’s still wintery weather 🙂 ) and walked (yes, walked!) while wearing my trusty, sturdy brown wedges) to get to Exhibition Ave. (told ya I’m stingy on taking cabs, besides I need the exercise hehehe).


Nightlife in Bahrain: Exhibition Avenue

First stop, Enigma @ Windsor Tower Hotel,


Windsor Tower Hotel

We were greeted by the ongoing first set of Mystyx, the in-house band. Their music was good, the vocals impressive, and I’m quite sure all the guys present appreciate the girls’ uber sexy visual show, distracting lah, hehe peace!


Mystyx @ Enigma

It was only about half past ten, so still a bit early. Buboy had Red Horse (proudly Pinoy beer) while I had a pineapple-vodka (my drink was actually free, as it was one of those Ladies Nights, where ladies are entitled to 2 free drinks. Shukran!).


Shukran for Ladies Night! free drinks! 🙂

We hummed and grooved through Mystyx‘ second set and then decided to move to our second stop.


Mystyx performing their second set

Our second stop, Club F1 @ Metropolitan Hotel (still within walking distance from  Windsor).


Metropolitan Hotel

It was almost midnight, and the place was quite full. Well, I think this place always is (reference to all previous night outs here, :)) Americans, Thais, Chinese, Pinoys, Indians, locals, name it, I think, all present!


Day 7 @ Club F1

The band, Day 7, wasn’t was I expected. They were definitely not one of the usual polished-pretty show bands (I’ve nothing against them, just sayin’). 🙂

Day 7 were rock stars! Yes! Loved them and I think everyone else agreed!


Day 7 ROCKS!

We enjoyed their full set, singing along and dancing in our seats (I really didn’t want to upstage those fellas in the dance floor LOL).


tugs tugs tugs tugs

Even the DJ’s set was remarkable. He’s not the usual “mute” DJ we see in clubs (just playing mixes, mafi talk lah). DJ Ryan actually cheers the crowd on while playing those amazing beats everyone simply can’t resist to dance.

By 1 am, we headed out for our third and last stop, The Warbler @ Ramee Baisan Hotel (also just a few meters away from Metropolitan).


Ramee Baisan Hotel

The Warbler’s a memorable place for me. It was actually my first club experience in Bahrain (our flat building was just a few steps away then, LOL). It had, I think, 5 ladies nights a week (so our drinks were virtually free haha) and it has music, sports (think super huge TV screens for football matches), billiards, dining, et al. What more could you ask for? 🙂


N-Control @ The Warbler

While waiting for the band’s next set, I ordered myself a pint of Guinness happiness, yum, yum!


goodness Guinness! 🙂

and my all-time fave, Cheese Nachos! Mmmmm, just like old times, Mmmmmmm…reallynuff said. 🙂


Cheese Nachos, yum!

Trivia: It was in The Warbler’s where I celebrated by birthday last Feb 2012, as well as my brother Yano’s in July 2012. And yes, I went up the stage for the Bullfrog drinking contest, and won op kors! 🙂


N-Control rockin the house

Their band, N-Control has a different flavor to offer the crowd. They were pretty good, smooth – classy – nice… and they also knew how to interact with the mixed crowd – Brits, locals, Pinoys, Indians, et al.

We enjoyed their full and final set, and hardly noticed it was almost closing time, hehe.


Bye bye Mr. Pirate, i shall return! 🙂

At past 2 am, am home tipsy-happy, and slept like a baby.

Till our next night out in Bahrain! 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “Nightlife in Bahrain: Exhibition Avenue

  1. So these are the good things I’ve been hearing about Bahrain. Too bad I didn’t get to go there. It would have been more fun if Bahrain had me. Hehe.
    Did you go to all these nightlife fun in one night? I’d be tipsy before I even get back home.

    • the island’s a humble version of Dubai, open ang alcohol at clubbing hehe! never too late to drop by the island if you’re heading Middle East, 🙂

      yes all in one night, bihira lang kasi kami lumabas, so we do barhopping if ever we go out, then sleepwalk home, :p

  2. Wow I miss the taste of cold Guinness in a high ball the last time I had was in Dublin 😉 nicely done

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